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About us

Hello! We are Santiago DC Freetours, the first Freetour company of Galicia.


We want to welcome you to our city and invite you to enjoy with us all our tours and special offers we offer to live Santiago as ever.

We are a team of guides with official accreditation of Tourism from Galicia , young, enthusiasm and passion for what we do and we want to convey to our customers the same feeling to experience Santiago unforgettable.


David Don López

David is from Mera (Oleiros), but he has been living in Santiago de Compostela for more than a decade, interspersed with a few years in Poland, California, Ecuador and Iran. While making his career in chemical engineering and a doctorate in Engineering of Biomaterials , he devoted himself to visit many cities in Europe and the United States enjoying many freetours (Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Porto, Seville, Seattle, Quito, Riga …).

He realized that he could not be that a city with so much history and culture as Santiago does not have its own freetour, so he decided to create the first company he freetours in Galicia .

Elena Iglesias Durán

Elena was born in Santiago de Compostela, she is an art historian with studies of Master of Management and Wealth Management, Museums and Art market . His whole life has been devoted to the study of culture, art and history and has worked in various museums of the city, so she knows every secret behind every stone of Santiago.

Traveling is one of her passions and is convinced that learning fun and entertaining history of each place you visit makes our experience as travelers much more enriching.


Plaza del Obradoiro,

in front of Pazo de Raxoi.



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